Best start up ideas at low budget

low startup ideas


low cost start up ideas

If you are good at any subject in school or in college then you can start tutoring students. Tutoring is the best startup with low risk and to start a tutoring you will need very less budget. A simple room with chairs, tables and a board is enough to start tutoring classes or you don’t even need any of this if you go for a home tutoring where you don’t need any kind of budget. But to run successfully in this field you need a good reputation and a strong command in the subject.


low coast startup ideas

Yeah! It may sound weird but if you know multiple languages you can start earning from home itself. There are many translation services which uses the freelancers to translate in online, so you can register yourself in the translation service companies or you can start your own company for translations.

Online content production

low coast startup ideas

If you are good content writer then you can start earning in a simple way. There are many websites who pay for articles. So you can start selling your articles through online easily. You can charge per article or sell articles in bulk for a specific package. But your articles should be good enough to attract and should be unique.

Sales Consultant

low coast startup ideas

If you are good at speaking with people and convincing then you can start working as sales consultant for different companies. Companies consult certain sales consultancies to generate leads and improve their businesses. This work doesn’t require any budget if you work alone, but if you want to start a company then you can hire sales people and take projects from companies to generate leads for them.

Free Lancer

low coast startup ideas

Be your own boss…. If you don’t like to work under someone then you can start working by yourself as a freelance employee. If you are good at a particular work then you can showcase your skills at various platforms where you can reach people who need your help. There are many companies who offer freelance services like Fiver, Freelancer and many more… All you need is to register in these websites and start showcasing your skills and reach millions of people who require your help; you can charge them based on your work as you wish.

Online marketing

low coast startup ideas

Online marketing is different from offline marketing, through online marketing you don’t need to meet anyone personally to promote. Online marketing can be done by using internet but to do this you should be good in SEO, SCM, SMM and other online marketing tools. Through online marketing you will generate leads for companies to develop their business.


low coast startup ideas

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Mediating is one of the simple and coolest work ever, buy from “X” at low cost and sell to “Y” for more cost and enjoy the margin. To start this you need initial money at the first point. In case if you don’t want any risk or if you lack money then you can start taking orders from “A” and deliver accordingly from vendor and take the margin. This way you don’t need any investments but you require lot of trustworthy contacts.

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