Best late-night food places in Hyderabad, eat biryani at 2AM

Best late-night food places in Hyderabad, eat biryani at 2AM

We can get anything to eat in day time but once it gets mid-night many hotels and restaurants gets closed in Hyderabad. But there are few famous and well-known places in Hyderabad where you can get whatever you want to eat. You can eat delicious dum biryani at 2:am! A tasty dosa at 1 am and many more at late nights. The youth of Hyderabad knows very well where they can get food at late nights and in case if you don’t know then here are few.

Best late-night food places in Hyderabad

Best late-night food places in Hyderabad, eat biryani at 2AM

Ram Ki Bandi

It would be really shame that you didn’t know about Ram Ki Bandi being an Hyderabadi. Every late night Romeo will know about Ram ki Bandi and ram bhai’s special dosa. Ram Ki Bandi will serve delicious and tasty Dosa and Idli. Ram Ki bandi is famous just as any other star hotel. Located at Nampally and Panjagutta.

Y2K: Panjagutta

The restaurant is famous for its late night chicken 65 and tasty biryani. During the Ramzan season, this place will be crowded like anything. I’m sure that you will love the food here.

Shah Ghouse

Shah Ghouse has got many decades of history and it shares great relationship with Hyderabadi biryani lovers. You can eat a delicious chicken dum biryani even at mid-night. If you don’t mind the distance, then you will love Haleem available here.

Hotel Shadab

Shadab is famous for its delicious dum biryani and it serves biryani from afternoon to mid-night and there’s crowd in 24*7. The price is also comparatively less than other places.

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Charcoal – Madhapur

If you are a spicy non-veg lover then Charcoal is the best place to fill your stomach. The place also looks descent and safer even for girls.

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