Best historical & beautiful places in Nalgonda you didn’t know

nagarjuna sager dam night view

Nalgonda district in Telangana has got many historical places and powerful temples. When we come across Nalgonda district the only thing which comes into our mind is Yadagiri Guuta temple where the powerful Hindu god lord Narasimha swamy resides. But there are also many other famous temples and historical forts and monuments in Nalgonda district.

Best places to visit in Nalgonda:

Best historical & beautiful places in Nalgonda you didn’t know

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is one of the best touristic places in Nalgonda district and it has got great number dam gates. It was built on Krishna river and it has got many decades of history.

Kulpakji (Jain temple)

Kulpakji is a jain temple in Nalgonda district. The Kulpakji temple has got hundreds of years of history. If you are looking for some very old historical place then the Kulpakji temple will help you. It holds many facts about our history and artifacts.

Rachakonda Fort

This fort showcases the royalness of the Kakatiya dynasty. Recharla leaders ruled this land from BC 1325 to 1474. They made Rachakonda as their capital and the Rachakonda fort has many historical monuments which showcases the history of Kakatiya dynasty and ancient civilization.


Surendrapuri is a newly constructed temple which is located nearby Yadagiri gutta temple. Surendrapuri has great statues and there is an entrance fee to see the beauty of Surendrapuri temples.

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Bhoingir Fort

Bhoingir fort is another historical and very old fort which showcases about Chalukyas. During the period of Rani Rudramadevi, the fort has got good fame and popularity.

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