Best historical bakeries in Hyderabad you must visit

Best historical bakeries in Hyderabad

We Indians are great food lovers and according to our tastes we have got numerous food places like Bakeries, hotels, restaurants and many more fantastic food places. We might go to hotels and restaurants occasionally but we Hyderabadi’s love bakery foods. A bakery is a wonderful place with small and good foods which we want to eat in our day to day life. There are many traditional and legendary bakeries in Hyderabad which has got equal fame and popularity just as posh restaurants.

Best royal bakeries in Hyderabad

Best  bakeries in Hyderabad

Karachi Bakery

Karachi bakery comes in the first place in the list of legendary bakeries in Hyderabad. Karachi bakery is very old one but it has got huge customer base and people love Karachi bakery foods. Karachi bakery is famous for its mouthwatering cookies. There are many branches of Karachi bakery in Hyderabbad.

Nimrah Café & bakery

Nimrah might be a café which offers finest tea in Hyderabad but along with tea it also offers daily delicious foods like biscuits, samosas, lukhmi and many more. Nimrah bakery is located in old city Charminar.

Subhan bakery

Subhan bakery has got an history of more than 100 years in Hyderabad. Subhan bakery is very famous for its Osmania biscuits and the best thing is it also delivers in online also. Subhan bakery is located near to nampally.

Café Niloufer bakery

Niloufer bakery offers a cup of tea but many people love that special cup of tea as it has rich tasteness in the tea. Along with tea, it also offers baked cookies and some fresh foodies. The bakery is located at Lakdikapul.

Blue Sea

Blue sea has got years of history and there are many die-hard fans for blue-sea tea. It serves a hot chai and Osmania biscuits and it is crowded 24*7. It is located in Secunderabad just opposite to Uppal bus stop in Secunderabad.

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Along with these bakeries there are also many famous bakeries which are very special to Hyderabadis. Other bakeries like Alpha hotel, King & cardinal, Bombay bakery, hotel gr4and, Pista house and few others. Let us know in the comment section in case if we miss something in our list.

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