Best foods to increase weight in youngsters

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Nutrients and calories are essential for adults. In some cases, it is difficult to gain weight due to changes in metabolism at birth and changes in hormone. However, you can increase your weight by increasing the calorie levels in the food intake. If you want to gain weight at the age of adulthood, make sure you have more nutrients in your diet. To gain weight at this age you need to take 500-1000 calories. Eating nutrient foods can get the calories needed for your weight gain. For example, the whole grains have high nutrients.

Take fiber rich foods

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Make sure you have high fibers in your diet. Take the fibers, such as legumes, oats, broccoli, carrot, hole grain food, wheat, seeds, nuts, potatoes, avocado and bananas. All these foods can increase your weight easily and safely without any side effects. You can start doing exercises to balance the weight and extra fat which you are about to gain.

Olive Oil


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Make sure you have fatty foods and healthy fats in the diet you consume in a day. Add seeds, avocado, etc. to your diet. Make meals you eat every day, eat snacks with olive oil. Add the butter or olive oil in the diet you eat, and you will gain weight quickly. Include chicken in pasta to increase the number of calories.

To gain weight, teenagers need to eat more snacks. Do not eat soda or chips, rather than take healthy food. Eat fresh fruit in snacks instead of good fruit juices and soda.

Foods with high calories

  • Since their body growth is rapid at the young age, they need more calories and should be consumed with high calorie dairy products. Cereals, oatmeal, chilled omelet, roasted buns are easy to use, quickly and without any difficulties to help you gain weight.
  • Drink water after meals and have fresh Fruit Shakes, Milk Shakes, Drinking Good Drinks Grow Weight
  • Take proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats in the required dose.
  • Combine the calories in your diet which you take.

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How much calories do you need?

Calories to the body vary according to their age and gender. Usually teenagers need 1,800 to 3,500 calories. According to the ‘agricultural diary’ related to ‘US’, 1,800 to 2,400 calories per day for adolescent girls are required from 2,200 to 3,200 calories for adolescent boys.

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If you want to gain weight, consult with a doctor, follow how many calories are needed in the day, and follow the plan for food regulations.

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