Best & Cheap shopping places in Hyderabad which saves your money

Best & Cheap shopping places in Hyderabad which saves your money

There are many luxurious shopping malls and showrooms in Hyderabad. Along with them there are also few best street shopping malls where you can get cheap products. ‘Cheap’ means I didn’t mean about the product’s quality but its price. Yes, there are few places in Hyderabad where you can get a product at just Rs 10 which will be of worth Rs 100 – 150 in normal showrooms. These cheap street shopping malls are the best for shopping lovers.

General Bazar

Get best shoes, fabrics, clothes, curtains and many more at affordable price in general bazar.


Sultan Bazaar

The same which was shown in Bommarillu film in Telugu. Sultan Bazaar has got decades of history and even the queens of Hyderabad loves to shopping at Sultan Bazaar back in 1800s.

Jagdish Market

The smartphone world in just 2-3 streets. There is nothing which is not available in Jagdish market related to gadgets. Get smartphones at cheaper price, get your foreign phones unlocked and many more.

Laad Bazaar

Many people think that Charminar is the only place to buy great variety of bangles and there’s no doubt in it. But along with Charminar, even in Laad bazaar you can shop great variety of bangles at cheap price just like in Charminar.

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Begum Bazaar

Begum Bazaar is famous for its whole sale shops and many shop vendors visit this place more often. You can find many gifts, utensils and many more at cheap price. The only thing you need to have is patience to roam in the heavy crowd.


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