Best & Cheap car insurance price deals for 2017-18

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If you are having a car then a car insurance is must for your vehicle. But there are many car insurance companies in the market and you need to choose the best & cheap car insurance price deals. Compare the insurance rates of different auto insurance companies. Cheap car insurance will help you a lot in saving few bucks. Isn’t it? Compare and find out best auto insurance for your vehicle.

To help you find cheapest car insurance, we have brought you cheap auto insurance. The list of cheapest car insurance companies is based on their reviews, policies which also include liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. Checkout car cheapest insurance deals with best and cheap insurance rates.

  • Geico – Cheap car insurance

Geico gives you best low-cost insurance for your cars and other vehicles. Geico auto insurance offers best price deals among auto insurance rates in the market. You can avail Geico car insurance as low as $1,297 per year. Geico has best discount auto insurance deals with wide benefits with its cheapest car insurance policies.

If a driver has good experience in driving without a single accident in over five years then he will get Geico’s best driver discount. Get cheap insurance for your vehicles with Geico and you can also avail car insurance in online. Geico is offering other insurance rates for various insurance schemes like car with airbags, insuring more than one car, wearing seat belts etc.,

  • State Farm – Cheap auto insurance

State Farm stood at second place in terms of cheap auto insurance. State Farm automobile insurance is priced at $2,296 per year which is almost $1000 more than Geico’s discount auto insurance. The best thing about State Farm auto insurance is you can avail cheap car insurance if you maintain a clean driving record.

State Farm hold majority share in cheap auto insurance in the country. The major insurance company also offers variety range of insurance policies and it functions in almost all the states in USA.

  • Progressive – Car insurance online

Progressive stands in third place which offers easy car insurance. Progressive offers auto insurance at $2,821 per year and that’s $235 a month. If you are looking for easy and instant insurance policy then progressive works best for you. Progress is the best online insurance provider. Yes, you can get car insurance online without any paper work or any agent.

  • Allstate – car insurance

Allstate is one of the costliest auto insurance company. The automobile insurance of Allstate is priced around $3,182. This is the highest insurance cost for any company in USA. However, with that massive price for car insurance, Allstate provides best car insurance services than any other company in the country.

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  • USAA – Car cheapest insurance

USAA is one of the highly rated and best automobile insurance provider with discount rates on auto insurance. USAA is the cheapest car insurance provider at just $918 per year. There is no other company which offers cheap car insurance like USAA.



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