Best Chai places in Hyderabad you must visit

People love to drink chai and we live drinking chai in our daily life. There are many people who can’t finish a day without having at least one cup of chai. It reduces stress, gives relaxation and reduces headache – These are the things people say when asked why they love to drink chai. Well, if you are a chai lover then here are few best places in Hyderabad to have a wonderful chai.

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Khaja Mansion

At this place, you can have delicious tea even at midnight 2am. Khaja Mansion will be opened for you always. Was busy in working till late nights or struggling hard for exams? Want some refreshment at night with a hot garam chai? Then Khaja Mansion is waiting for you.


First, Lamakaan is a beautiful place to hang out with friends and you will love the art of lamakaan. You can experience great chai with good atmosphere and you can chill from your boring periods or over stress.

Bombay bakery

Another local place in Hyderabad which offers tasty chai with the famous bun maska. Located in Abids, Bombay Bakery has been in Hyderabad since many years and the locals over there will chai in Bombay bakery every day.

Blue Sea:

Whoever goes to secunderabad railway station will definitely taste the chai in blue sea hotel which offers delicious chai with some tasty bakery food as well. The place is always crowded.

Alpha Hotel:

Well, who doesn’t know the legendary Alpha hotel in Hyderabad. Here you can have a garam chai with finest cookies.

Café Bahar:

If you are having a boring time then get refreshed at café Bahar with its delicious Irani chai with biscuits. The place is best to hang out with friends.

Along with these places there are also many chai places in Hyderabad which are good. The above list based on my personal experience. If you have any best chai place other than the above list share it with us in the comment section below.

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