Best blue beaches in Andhra Pradesh you should not miss

best resorts in vizag

Well, who doesn’t love beaches? From kids to elders, everyone finds beaches as beautiful place to hang on and we can have great refreshing experience at beaches. There are many beaches in Andhra Pradesh but not all are beautiful. Only few beaches look good with beautiful blue color water. To be frank we will get a good feel only when the water and the surroundings in the beech was good.

Best beaches in Andhra Pradesh:

Best blue beaches in vizag

Yarada beach

Yarada beach is the most beautiful beach in Visakhapatnam. You can find Yarada beach at 15 km away from Vizag city and the water looks good in this beach.

Rishikonda Beach

Rishikonda beach in Vizag is the best one and it is very near to Vizag city. The water in Rishikonda beach are very clear without any pollution.

Mypadu Beach

Mypadu Beach is in Nellore and the beach will resemble Kerala as it has many trees and beautiful climate. You can get free from any stress and get some relaxation over here. Mypadu Beach is 20km away from Nellore city.

R.K. Beach

R.K. Beach is one of the most famous and well-known beach in Visakhapatnam. You can also visit the INS Kurusura submarine museum here which is the first ever submarine museum in South Asia.

Kalingapatnam Beach

Kalingapatnam Beach is well-known for its marvelous tasty sea food. Kalingapatnam Beach is located 30km from Srikakulam. You can enjoy your weekend in a great way.

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Perupalem Beach

Kalingapatnam Beach is surrounded by beautiful coconut trees all around. Youth from nearby places love to have fun during weekends.

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