Best Biryani places in Hyderabad every biryani lover should visit

hyderabad biryani

When someone says the name Hyderabad, the first thing that comes into our mind is biryani. Hyderabad is famous for biryani and there are many hotels which serve biryani in Hyderabad. But there are few hotels in Hyderabad which has got decades of history in serving delicious and tasty biryani. Here we have brought you some of the best places in Hyderabad.

Best Biryani hotels in Hyderabad:

hyderabad biryani

Bawarchi Nallakunta (RTC X Roads)

In Hyderabad, there is no one that didn’t tasted Bawarchi biryani. The Hyderabadis have a special bond with RTC X Roads Bawarchi biryani. The Bawarchi biryani has decades of history and it was inaugurated by Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty.

Café Bahar

Café Bahar is one of the famous biryani places in Hyderabad. Not only chicken but you can also have delicious mutton, fish biryanis also. There are different recipes of biryanis available in Café bahar. Try Chicken Afghani in Café Bahar. It is located at Basheerbagh.


Not only Hyderabadis but also people from other states are familiar with Paradise biryani. Secunderabad Paradise has many decades of history and it is famous in Hyderabad. Although there are many outlets for Paradise in Hyderabad but I prefer the secunderabad paradise.

Shah Ghouse

Youth are crazy for Shah Ghouse biryani and Haleem available here. During Ramzan time, it is crowded so much that you can’t move even your legs and that was the taste here. When youngsters go for long ride at late nights, this is the place where they will reach at last to have biryani even at early morning 1:00 am.

Kabul Darbar

The only place where you can get best Afghan style Dum biryani in Hyderabad. You can try many varieties of Afghan recipes like Kebab Tikka and Sheeq Kebab Afghani. Kabul darbar is located at Lakdikapul.

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Along with these biryani places, there are few other famous biryani places like sarvi restaurant, Shahi Dastarkhwan, Shadab hotel and few others.

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