BCCI loses power in ICC, Big-3 model cancelled by ICC: What’s next


International Cricket Council (ICC) is the head of all the cricket boards in the world. But its remote is in BCCI hands for many years. Till now BCCI has controlled all the cricket boards including ICC as BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world. ICC gets more than 80% of revenue from just India and this was the main reason for BCCI’s power in cricket world. There is no cricket board in the world which can go against BCCI and not even ICC has that dare.

Three years earlier BCCI has proposed a new Big-3 model. ICC gives funds to all the cricket boards for development of cricket in their respective countries. As BCCI makes more revenue for ICC, it seeks more shares in ICC funds. With the help of Australia and England cricket boards, BCCI has brought this Big-3 model in to existence. But now, ICC new chairman Shashank Manohar has cancelled the Big-3 model.

He stated that all the countries should get equal share in the ICC funds and BCCI was anti with his decision. Recently a voting has been conducted regarding the issue and all the cricket boards except Sri Lanka voted against India. Sri Lankan cricket board alone supported India and the other cricket boards which showed their support earlier has withdrawn their support.

Bangladesh cricket board earlier showed their support to India and even gave a statement that “India should receive more funds as it is generating more revenue for ICC”. But when the voting happened, even Bangladesh voted against India. BCCI just need three votes and it thought that they were having Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and even South Africa.

Well, what happens next is really interesting! BCCI is all alone and it showed its protest by not announcing the team for ICC Champions trophy. There were hot rumors that India will not send its team for champions trophy. If this happens then the tournament will miss the glory and it also affects the revenue of the tournament. All the countries have announced the teams except India.

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BCCI didn’t declared team even after ICC’s deadline for announcing team for champions trophy. BCCI is striving hard to get back to its previous glory and power. However if BCCI takes any hard decision then it’s a big loss to ICC and other cricket boards. Who knows if BCCI doesn’t send its team to other countries?

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