Banks to remain close for 4 days; ATM’s out of cash!

Banks to remain close for 4 days

If you are looking to deposit or withdraw money from banks then you better hurry up! Banks to remain close for 4 days starting from August 12th. After a long gap, bank employees have got a long vacation from their work as there are back to back holidays from Saturday to Tuesday. ATM’s out of cash might be a big trouble for people.

Many ATM’s in the cities have already went out of cash. People should spend their money wisely and must be patient till Wednesday. All the banks will be re-opened on Wednesday after a long gap of 4 days. However, online transactions and card payments can be done as usually. Here is the list of Holidays for bank employees and this is why Banks to remain close for 4 days.

  • August 12th – 2nd saturday
  • August 13th – Sunday
  • August 14th – Krishnashtami (Monday)
  • August 15th – Independence Day (Tuesday)

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