Bahubali 2: The Conclusion Trailer: Powerful than Bahubali 1st part

Bahubali 2 film

The wait is over! The official bahubali trailer is out and it is more powerful than the first part of Bahubali. Rana (Ballala Deva) looks vicious while Prabhas looks more powerful than in the first part. The battle scenes are mind blowing and Bahubali 2 is no less than a Hollywood film. Bahubali: The Conclusion is the much awaited movie and the fans are eagerly waiting for the movie since two years. However the trailer has doubled the expectations in the fans and now they have to 1 month more to see the historic film.

Prabhas and director Rajamouli spent over five years for Bahubali and their hard work is not in vain. We all witnessed the record collections of bahubali 1 and the response it has got from all over the world. Bahubali has showed the power of Telugu film industry to the entire world. Bahubali second part will be released in all over the world on April 28th. Finally you can know the answer for the viral and most interesting question in the country, “why katappa killed Bahubali”?

Watch Bahubali 2 trailer below:

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