Bad news! You can’t use Gmail from February 8th, Google confirms

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If you are using windows XP or windows vista, then this bad news is for you. Gmail will work no more in Chrome versions of 53 and below. So you need to update your windows version as soon as possible. Google has officially announced that the Google’s Gmail will not work in Windows XP and vista version in laptops and Pc’s.

This action was taken by Google because the chrome versions which are below 53 are not protected well. The security risks are too high and cannot protect the user’s information. Many users are already facing certain security issues who are using their Gmail in Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. Even Microsoft has re-treated their operating support for Windows XP and Vista.

Google stated that the last chrome version for these operating systems is 49 and these operating systems cannot update the chrome version above 53. These operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft. Google also stated that, the users should update their operating system to avail Gmail in their laptops and PC’s. So you need to update OS for better protection.

However you can use Gmail in lower chrome versions but you are at great security issue and Google is not responsible for that. You cannot enjoy all the features of Gmail in the lower chrome versions. According to Google’s privacy policy only latest versions of Google chrome are supported for using Gmail. The users who are still using Windows XP and Vista need to update their operating system.

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But the users can still use their Gmail with third-party browsers but still they are at security risk and Google cannot assure any security for such kind of usage. So at last time has come to say goodbye to Windows XP and Vista. Users who are currently using Windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10 can use Gmail without any interruptions.

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