Why is Babai hotel famous? History & shocking facts about Babai hotel

Babai hotel details

Babai hotel is the most famous hotel in Vijayawada and it has got great history of over 74 years. People of Vijayawada love babai hotel unlike anything else. Bejawada people will definitely taste the idli of babai hotel. You may think what’s so special in Idli as we are eating idli everywhere. But here comes the real fact about babai hotel’s breakfasts. Babai hotel breakfasts like idli has special taste and you will not find that taste anywhere else in India.

Babai hotel specialities you don’t know yet!

Touch of Celebrities

celebrities at Babai hotel

If you think that I’m fooling you then you can see the above image of Sr NTR tasting food in babai hotel. Many old Tollywood celebrities like ANR, Chandra Mohan, Savitri, Krishna and many other actors love the babai hotel foods. Whenever there’s shooting in Vijayawada they would definitely taste the breakfasts of babai hotel.

There are many people in Vijayawada who are capable of eating in a five-star hotel but they prefer babai hotel breakfasts and they get them packed. People who don’t like idli will make idli as their favorite breakfast after eating babai hotel’s idli. Can you believe that many top restaurants named the idli in their menu as babai hotel idli?

Along with babai hotel’s idli taste their quality and loyalty remained same till date. They didn’t even updates the menu card and the type of their culture and services remained same even after 74 years of its commencement. Are you thinking that how the name ‘babai hotel’ arrived? Well, the hotel was started back in 1942 by Samba Murthi who was talented in making idlis.

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He always gave a warm welcome to his customers band people call him as ‘babai’. People started saying let us eat in babai hotel and hence the name babai hotel came up. Chuteny which is available in babai hotel is also quite famous as it is coconut chutney (kobbari chutney).

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