Ayurvedic secret tips for healthy hair

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In Ayurvedic medicine, hair (nails) are described as bone products. Bony substances that play an important role in bone formation also help in hair growth. So, nutrition is essential for healthy hair and their growth. Hair growth is possible with certain calcium’s and proteins in the body. Because of Ayurveda, your hair becomes healthy and strong. Here are few best Ayurveda tips for hair growth and healthy hair.

Healthy food for healthy hair

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Hair health usually depends on the nutrients you take. Chives, milk and freshly prepared yoghurt, such as dairy products, are healthy for bones and hair in the body. Coconut, apple, and cabbage have many different uses. If you are having hair fall then you better eat above mentioned foods regularly.

Head Massage


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Hair massage with oils causes many benefits to the hair. Amla and Brahma Oil are cool, which enhance hair growth, increase their growth and provide natural lightning. (Follow labeling on oil packs). Before you lie down, write two teaspoons of oil on your head, but keep oil for your skin or hair roots instead of your hair. Massage the oil on the skin and it will lead to blood supply and the nutrients needed for hair follicles.

Coconut water for hair growth


Drinking coconut water (due to the water inside the fresh coconut) provides the desired calcium for hair growth. You can drink 1/2 cup of coconut water in a day. Coconut milk is also good for health but it has secondary importance. If you have high levels of fat content in your body, it’s not good if you take a large amount of coconut. The cause-coconut contains more saturated fat, which increase the levels of fat in the body’s blood.

Combing hair regularly

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When licking your hair, it is adversely affecting the hair, which helps to improve blood circulation in hair ends and hair is healthy. You can also do Yoga as even it helps in getting good and healthy hair.Doing yoga reduces the pressure on the neck and head portions, and blood circulation also improves. Yoga also improves hair health.

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