Ayurvedic herbs to get rid of getting cancer

how to cure cancer

Cancer is disease which is pleading the entire world and yearly many people are dying due to cancer where few people are getting saved from it. Cancer is a rear disease caused due to abnormal cell growth in the human body. These cells will affect the other surrounding cells in the body. The experts are looking forward for prevention and cures for cancer with Ayurveda measures.

Ayurveda started in India more than 5000 years ago and now the entire world is looking at the field of Ayurveda. Ayurveda herbs are natural and cure many diseases which are not even possible with the modern medicines. More research and study are being carried by the experts on Ayurveda. Few Ayurveda herbs can help to avoid risk of getting cancer. Here we have collected few herbs from the ancient Ayurveda experts.

Cape gooseberry (Ashwagandha)

Ayurvedic herbs to get rid of getting cancer

Cape gooseberry is an ancient Ayurveda herb which can treat cancer and also helps from preventing cancer. Cape gooseberry is also known as ashwagandha and researchers have found the benefits of ashwagandha forty years ago. Cape gooseberry contains a compound called withaferin A which is very helpful in treating cancer patients. The leaf of ashwagandha can kill cancer cells and this method was successfully tested by the researchers. Ashwagandha is also known as the “Indian Ginseng”.


Ayurvedic herbs to get rid of getting cancer

Ginger is widely used in the Indian recipes which is good for health in many ways. Ginger has more than 2000 year’s old history in the Ayurveda treatment. Ginger has high levels of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances which were tested in preventing cancer cells. Many researchers conducted various experiments on ginger and proved that ginger can prevent cells which are affected by abnormal growth. Ovarian cancer cells can be eradicated with the help of ginger. Ginger is a great herb to add in your daily recipe for best health benefits.


Ayurvedic herbs to get rid of getting cancer


Turmeric powder is a very old ancient herb which is used in many recipes and also for curing various health diseases. Turmeric powder contains antiseptic values which is why people use turmeric powder when they were bleeding due to certain injuries. Turmeric powder has many useful substances like analgesic, antioxidants and also anti-inflammatory. Turmeric also has an major component called curcumin which prevents the growth of cancer cells. Many studies on turmeric revealed that it can successfully kill the cancer cells at the same time by preventing the healthy cells.


Ayurvedic herbs to get rid of getting cancer

Amla may be sour but it is a healthy fruit. Amla too has many health benefits as it contains vitamin C. Amla is the king of rejuvenation because it contains a dozen healthy compounds which has an ability to kill cancerous cells and also prevents the healthy cells from not affecting by cancer cells. From decades amla was proved as a great Ayurveda fruit which can be used in the cancer prevention field. But the bitter fact about amla is that it is sour to eat.


Ayurvedic herbs to get rid of getting cancer

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Garlic is used in almost every dish in the Indian recipes which has more than a dozen health benefits. Garlic has many useful components which can prevent the abnormal growth of cancer cells. Various studies over garlic has been done by the researchers from more than 12 countries and proved that garlic is very effective in preventing the cancer cells and the experts suggest that we should take at least 1-2 cloves of garlic a day.

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