Automation made Wipro to remove 600 employees & more

Automation affect

Well, it’s time for the Indian IT employees to get frightened and should be prepared for what’s coming on their way! The massive $150 billion dollar IT sector in India is going through a hard run. But it doesn’t seem to run on losses but it is dropping out the employees and the main reason is automation. Earlier cognizant has removed 6000 employees and even value labs have removed over 3000 employees.

Now is the time for Wipro and it already sacked over 600 employees after recent performance appraisal. Wait, that’s not all! Wipro might remove more number of employees in the coming days and this is a big blow for It employees. Many IT companies are dropping off their employees and moving towards automation and artificial intelligence.

Automation process

Even the Donald Trump effect over H-1B visa also affected the IT sector. Experts say that all the low-level jobs will be replaced by automation but even to control robots we need people. So even after automation existing jobs may be gone but new jobs will be created.

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After performance appraisal, Wipro will sack around 600 employees and even more. The tech company will now use automation on behalf of the 600 employees. After Wipro, few other IT companies are also planning for cutting existing jobs due to automation.

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