Automation affects in future, 4 jobs out of 10 to go off

Automation process

People may never think that automation would affect their jobs. According to few experts, by 2021 four jobs would be lost from every 10 jobs. This will affect in a massive way in future and impacts IT industry a lot. Not only IT industry but also other industry employees will also get affected with this automation. Industries like banking, manufacturing, automobiles and engineering will be integrated with automation technology in future.

The automation cuts out plenty of jobs in coming future. PeopleStrong CEO, Pankaj said that “in the coming 3-4 years a massive change will take place and automation mainly affects IT, agriculture, manufacturing and security services. Automation effects are not only on India but also to other countries as well. By 2021 four jobs will be cut from every 10 jobs and from the four people one will be from India”.

Automation affects in future

This makes a huge 24% of job loss in India. India raises around 5.5 million jobs in every year but in coming future this number may come down and the automation increases the gap further. In past where there are 1500 jobs for a particular role like assembly line, now the number has come down to 500. The companies are now moving forward to automation instead of skilling.

Automation can replace low skill and high transaction jobs. For certain projects where the roles of certain employees cannot be automated, companies may hire for short term on a contract basis. Government should act proactive on this aspect or else coming days for the employees will be jeopardy. However few experts say that the existing low-level jobs may get affected but there are chances of getting new jobs.

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Even robots should be build and monitored. For this new talent and new skills will be required and the new jobs will replace the existing low-level jobs. Recently Cognizant has removed over 6000 employees due to automation. This gives signals that the automation process has already begun and the companies are cutting down the low-level employees.

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