Arvind Kejriwal to quit CM post

Arvind Kejriwal to quit CM post

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh sought resignation of Arvind Kejriwal to the post of Chief minister of Delhi. An ardent follower of Anna Hazare and a conceiver of anti-corruption laws, Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is not new to allegations from opposition parties. Now-a-days he is facing more criticism from insiders than from opposition. Today saw the latest round of corruption charges levied on Arvind Kejriwal by the expelled minister Kapil Mishra. Kapil Mishra alleged that Kejriwal took 2 Cr. Rupees from another party member and a cabinet member Satyendra Jain.

Satyendra Jain is the slain minister whose assets were seized by the income Tax Officials for money laundering and misuse of power. He tried to regularize his illegal assets worth crores of ruppes. He, who has served for two terms as Cabinet Minister, has been sacked from the post of Cabinet minister. Recent revelation by Kapil Mishra was that he saw personally Kejriwal receiving 2 crores of rupees from Satyendra Jain.

Kejriwal, who is already in distress of failures in MCD elections and assembly elections in Goa and Punjab, is facing the heat of criticism from many political circles. Even though Deputy Chief minister Manish Sisodia refuted the allegations, it is in the hands of Kejriwal to sway these rumors of corruption and scandals arising from across the party members.

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It has been learnt from the political critics that Aam Admi Party is in correction mode after the debacle of MCD election results and is gearing up for the upcoming assembly elections. One has to wait and see if Aravind Kejriwal resigns and goes for an early election to prove his stamina once again as the Aam Admi Leader.

Arvind Kejriwal to quit CM post?
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Arvind Kejriwal to quit CM post?
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