Arman Malik Controversial comments on Sonakshi Sinha: Reasons

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Singer Arman Malik made controversial comments on Sonakshi Sinha. Nowadays it has become quite common for actors to sing in movies and other private concerts. Along with professional singers even actors are showing their talent in singing. Few actors are taking the help of auto tunes and singing few songs. Many actors have started singing songs for their own films.

However actors singing in public audio programs are making the professional singers to get jealous. Sonakshi Sinha is now getting ready to sing in Justin bieber’s concert and this made uncomfortable for singer Arman Malik. The young singer commented that “acting is different and singing is different. It’s better to leave respective platforms for respective professionals”.

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Sonakshi also replied to Arman Malik tweets and said “when a new singer comes you have to encourage them but you should not discorage in this way”. She also added that Arman Malik approached her to sing in Noor film. For this Arman Malik again re tweeted saying “It’s not me who asked you to sing but it’s my brother Amal Malik”.

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Sonakshi Sinha again tweeted back saying “Even you came with your brother and requested me”. Arman Malik kept an end for this tweet war with just a smiley. However in the name of social media, personal conversations are getting popular and public.

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