Apple’s upcoming iPhone may feature ‘paradigm shift’, a changeover

Apple’s new phone features

It is said that the next iPhone may lead to huge paradigm shift and this will change the future technology. There is difference from virtual reality and augmented reality and this will change the future of smartphones. Apple would be the first company to come up with this huge paradigm shift. However this may not help Apple in boosting sales of iPhones right now but in future it is going to leave a huge impact.

This paradigm shift will lead to a new computing technology in the near future. Apple may start developing new iPhones with augmented reality. The managing partner at VC, Gene Munster stated that “the next Apple’s iPhone will go for a paradigm shift and this may change the future technology and it is unbelievable for you to digest this new technology”.

Apple new features

Apple’s stock will be benefited with this new shift of paradigm and you can get more comfortable ease when you bring services of business and augmented reality on same side. This will lead to a new era of computing and will make an impact in the long-term. However in short-term it does not help Apple in any way but it takes some time for it.

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Apple is now concentrating on augmented reality and it believes that augmented reality will have a huge impact in future. This is why Apple is investing huge amount on augmented reality and spending a lot of resources on research and development of augmented reality. Apple is now hiring new talent and acquiring small firms to work more on augmented reality.

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