Apple’s Siri helped four year kid to save his mother’s life

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We all know how intelligent and powerful Apple’s siri is! Siri is a voice based virtual assistant which can function on our voice commands. Recently a bizarre incident took place at Croydon. A four year old child named Roman has rescued his mother’s life by using Apple’s Siri. This is going viral over net and Apple’s siri has been a great advantage for the child to save his mother.

According to few sources, Roman’s mother collapsed suddenly and there was no one at home except her four year old son, Roman. Roman has acted intelligently at very young age and used Apple’s siri to call out emergency service. Roman has unlocked the phone with her mother’s thumb and activated siri. The response team responded real quick and made conversation with Roman.

Roman baby saved her mother

Roman assumed that his mother was dead as she closed her eyes and the response team asked Roman to shake his mother’s hand to wake her up. The response team asked for the address and based on conversation with Roman the response team was able to find the location of Roman’s house. They have reached the house on time and rushed his mother to hospital.

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Later the police have released the audio conversation of roman and the response team telling the public on the importance of teaching basics to their children. Kids should have minimum knowledge on general things like phone number, house address and few other emergency related tips. This shows how important to teach children basic things and how it saved a kid’s mother.

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