Apple has Siri and now Nokia is developing “viki” as AI assistant

AI assistant nokia

The mobile giant Nokia is back with a stunning entry in the smartphone world. Nokia is already releasing its android smartphones into the market. Earlier Nokia failed to capture the Android market and lost its upper hand in the smartphone market. But now Nokia is fighting back to gain its position in the smartphone market. Now Nokia is introducing an personnel AI assistant just like Apple’s siri, Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby and Google Assistant.

GSMinfo has announced that Nokia has submitted an application for getting Trademark of Viki as Nokia’s AI assistant. In the application Nokia stated about its new technology viki as “software for the creation and monitoring of mobile and web assistants working with digital knowledge and combining all data sources into a single chat and voice-based interface.”

The Viki would be as special attraction in the new Nokia android smartphones. Nokia will compete with other leading smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung with this latest AI assistant of Nokia. Viki can be used just as siri in the Apple phones and tablets.

In 2013 when Nokia sold its mobile unit to Microsoft, the Nokia badge on the Nokia smartphones were removed and released with Microsoft Icon. This turned out to be an big failure for everyone and Nokia sold it rights to Microsoft. But now the Finnish company HMD Global made a deal with Nokia and will be selling mobile phones with Nokia badge.

HMD Global has got all the rights required to use Nokia badge on the smartphones. HMD Global will manufacture smartphones and will sell in the market with Nokia’s badge on it. This brings Nokia back to the smartphone world and Nokia is trying in all the ways to get back to its number one position which was lost years ago. So Nokia is concentrating on all the technologies and features which would please the smartphone users around the world.

The new Nokia smartphones will be released with Nokia badge as it was last seen in the year 2014. Since the Nokia badge is disappeared from Nokia phones. Recently the first Nokia Android smartphone is released in China and it is getting a good response from the users. But viki is not yet available in this smartphone. Viki will be available in a short time as Nokia is making plans to introduce viki as soon as possible.

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