Apple iPhones wireless charging via WiFi router: Patent revealed

wireless charging

Apple is surely making a different future as it is already known that Apple is coming with wireless charging smartphones. The latest buzz is that the future iPhones can be charged via Wi-Fi routers. This is really amazing and can impact the future technology. Till now we have seen wire chargers and even magnetic chargers for laptops but wireless charging is still a dream for many people.

But Apple is trying to make your dreams true with its new technology. Apple has already filed for a patent over this technology. The technology will have a transmitter in the device which has wireless power transfer circuitry. A receiver will be integrated in the iPhone for receiving wireless power.

Apple iPhones wireless charging

For this, wireless communications should be at specific range from 700MHz to 2700MHz and also the local area network link should be able to operate at 2.4 GHz or more. Electronic devices already include certain wireless circuits for using wireless communications in mobiles, WiFi and other transmissions. The devices contain antennas and wireless transceivers. They support wireless communications.

Apple iPhones wireless charging via WiFi router: Patent revealed

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Apple will implement this wireless charging technology in upcoming iPhone 8. Apple iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging and no need to plug-in the charging pin. Luxshare will produce wireless chargers for Apple iPhone 8. However Apple’s new patent is completely different as it states that iPhones could be charged via WiFi routers.

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