Apple iPhone 8 specifications and features: Dual rear camera & leaked images

iphone 8 leaked

If there is any much awaited smartphone after Samsung Galaxy S8 then without any doubt it is Apple iPhone 8. Apple has created quite a buzz and the entire world is eagerly waiting for the new iPhone 8. Its features and specifications have leaked unfortunately before the launch and it has made Goosebumps after seeing the pics. The pictures of iPhone 8 have been revealed in a website.

Apple iPhone 8 is the only smartphone which can rival Samsung Galaxy S8 and recently Galaxy S8 has been unveiled officially by the South Korean Company. Now even Apple’s iPhone 8 is no less than Samsung S8.  Apple iPhone 8 has got dual camera at rear with flash. Both the cameras and flash are placed in a vertical line. We have got an Apple symbol and a fingerprint sensor just below the iconic brand symbol.

iphone 8 leaked

The images reveal that the iPhone 8 curved screen with low bezels which is supported by 2.5D glass. The LCD displays consume more power and less brightness but you can enjoy iPhone 8 with OLED display technology which consumes less power and gives better brightness than the LCD display screens. It was reported that the US Company is planning to produce over 60million iPhone 8 units packed with OLED display technology.

In future, Apple may replace all the LCD iPhones to OLED displays. Along with OLED display features, Apple is also bringing various other extraordinary updates like new sensor system. The highlight of iPhone 8 is the home button at front which is used as touch ID in the earlier iPhones is now integrated in the screen itself. This made the display size even bigger and smarter.

iphone 8 pics

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For the first time ever in the smartphone industry, Apple is introducing its first wireless charging technology and this will surely attract the customers. Recently Apple made an agreement with Indian government to set up a plant in Bangalore, India. Apple will assemble the new iPhones in India and will sell the same iPhones in India and will also export to other countries. This will improve the production line of Apple and to meet the demand for iPhone 8, Apple need to produce large number of units.

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However the Apple iPhones are known for its premium price. Apple never releases a budget smartphone and save some money from now itself to get your hands on new iPhone 8 which will be released by the end of 2018. The bitter fact is the new iPhone 8 will be priced more than $1100 and this might be the costlier iPhone ever from Apple.

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