Apple buys AI firm Lattice Data for $200 Million, more details

Dark Data

US tech giant Apple has purchased Artificial Intelligence firm Lattice Data for whopping $200 million dollars. It was reported that Apple has acquired Lattice Data which is specialist and experienced in turning unstructured dark data like images and text into structured data. Lattice Data is an artificial intelligence engine which can change the unstructured data into structured data which is easier to read and understand too.

A spokesperson of Apple said “Apple continues its way of acquiring small tech companies every time and we can’t discuss further plans or purpose of buying lattice data”. He also added that “Deal with lattice is already done a couple of weeks back and almost 20 Lattice engineers have come aboard to Apple”.

Lattice was founded back in 2015 as a commercialization of dark DeepDive which is created to extract value from dark data. Lattice helped many clients to get data from unstructured or dark data. However, Lattice never revealed on with whom it is working with. But it is not yet clear how Apple would use Lattice technology.

Lattice earlier contacted few tech giants like Amazon’s Alexa and samsung’s Bixby. Lattice wanted to enhance its technology in turning unstructured data to structured data. But at last Apple has acquired Lattice which is an artificial intelligence firm. However, Apple is continuing to acquire the smaller tech companies to improve its technology and power.

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Earlier Apple acquired Beddit which is an application and sleep system which is used to monitor daily sleep habits of users via iPhone. Before that the US tech giant also acquired Workflow which is a famous iOS tool which is used to bring together the functionalities of different applications and to automate normall complex processes.

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