Apple to assemble iPhones in Bangalore within 1 Month: Things to know

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Finally Apple is all set to manufacture its first ever iPhones in India. From many months Apple is striving pretty hard to work out its plans in setting up a plant in India. However Apple will import parts and will assemble them in Bangalore, Karnataka and this assembling process will start in a few weeks. This is the first time ever Apple assembling iPhones in India and the upcoming iPhone 8 will be assembled in India itself.

Karnataka IT Minister, Priyank Kharge said “In a couple of weeks Apple will start assembling its future smartphones with advanced technology by partnering with Wistron Corp which would help Apple in developing new iPhones at Bangalore. Due to this new step of Apple, iPhones could be sold at low price in India. Here there is a good demand for smartphones and the market is rapidly increasing”.

apple in bangalore

“If Apple reduces its prices in India then it can sell more products in India and can build a place for it in the Indian smartphone market”. It was reported that Apple will assemble iPhones in India and will export to other countries as well. Apple has requested certain benefits like tax concessions and few other aspects but Indian government has declined many demands.

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Apple will now join the Chinese and Korean giants who have already set up their manufacturing plants in India. Recently Xiaomi has launched its second manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh, India. Xiaomi promised to create 20,000 jobs in India in coming two years. However if Apple started its assembling in India then Indian customers can avail iPhones at lower price.

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