App for pregnancy test: No need of visiting doctors now

 pregnancy test

Got doubt on your pregnancy? Now there is no need of visiting hospitals and doctors for making pregnancy confirmations. You can put an end to pregnancy eradication pills. Here is an amazing app to know whether you are pregnant or not. Germany researchers have developed an app called “natural cycles” with which you can know about your pregnancy. This app is very simple to use and you can know the results I just few seconds.

All you need to do to know about your pregnancy is by uploading your body temperature in the app. The algorithm in the app will analyze your periods situation and will let you know whether you can have S*x without any safety or not. The app will give results if you are having chances of getting pregnancy at particular times.

App for pregnancy test

You can use safety precautions like using a condom or any other safety measures. This app is successfully tested on more than 10 lakh women in 2016 and got accurate results from the “natural cycles” app. Now instead of using E-pills to prevent from getting pregnant you can now try this app. Researchers also stated that using E-pills multiple times will lead to many side effects.

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This app will be of great useful for women who takes E-pills more often and you can control your pregnancy with this app with the results. But for accurate results you need to upload accurate body temperature. This app from Germany is announced as German medical equipment. This app is available in both play store and in App store. To run this app you need a smartphone. In case if you are not having smartphone then you can download the app in friend’s mobile and you can upload your body temperature in it.

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