The annoying Airtel 4G girl is dating a Bollywood star: Also check out the unseen images of Airtel’s 4G girl

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You might probably be aware the Airtel 4G girl who has got a brand name of Airtel’s annoying 4G girl. You have an idea of her face and voive too but you don’t know many things about the 4G girl. The Airtel 4G girl’s original name is Sasha chettri. Sasha chettri is an unknown model before 2015 but now the entire nation knows her face and voice. Airtel 4G girl also got few chances in movies after getting a huge popularity for her 4G advertisement.

Sasha Chettri is just 20 years old who was born in Dehradun and has got enough popularity at very young age. Before acting in the Airtel 4G advertisements, Sasha chettri is not known to anyone. She has got loving fans for her beauty and also haters due to her annoying 4G ads. Sasha chettri made her hair shorten hwen Airtel said to cut her hair for a new look.

However the Airtel 4G girl, Sasha Chettri aint single and is currently dating a Bollywood star. She is in love with the Bollywood singer cum music director Sachin Gupta who has worked for few Bollywod films like Table Number 21, Mere dad ki maruti and Finding fanny. The couple has been spotted in a few events and opened up about their relationship. Sachina Gupta has already married Sasha Agha but got divorced, Sasha agha is also an actrss who acted in Aurangzeb with Arjun kapoor. However Sachin has got another Sasha in no time.

You might probably see Sasha chettri only in Airtel advertisements as a 4G girl but you have no idea how she looks outside. The Airtel 4G girl is totally different and here are few rare and unseen images of Airtel 4G girl, Sasha Chettri.

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