Android Taste test can customize your smartphone like never before

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Got bored with normal android look and tired of trying several launchers from the play store? Well, all the android smartphone users always wanted to use cool icons and appearance but it is possible with only launchers and other apps. But they are of great size and sometimes will slow your smartphone. But your wait is over now! You can also experience a great menu and appearance of apps just like iOS users are getting.

Where to start? Is this the question going on in your mind? Well there are many apps, launchers, wallpapers, theme apps and personalization apps but to bring you out of this mess, Google has brought you my android Taste test website for giving you what you need. The process is simple and you can get the new look in your smartphone in just few minutes.

Android Taste test

How to use Android Taste Test?

That’s simple! All you need to do is visiting the website where you will find a set of questionnaires. You have answer all the 22 questions and then the website will analyze your answers and will sort out your taste and preferences. But you need to be frank in answering as every answer which you give will result in specific appearances. Be frank and answer perfect for getting best results.

The website will analyze your answers and will provide you three different looks and you can use any of them. You will be given three different links for three different looks. You can download it in your smartphone. You can either visit the website from your smartphone or from desktop. If you go through desktop then you need to paste the link in your android device and then download the new look.

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I have already tried the Taste test and was shocked by the results. I’m quite satisfied with the results which were given in the website. A new look is quite awesome and pretty cool. I suggest you to have a look at it once after all it is free of cost. Why are you waiting? Go to the website and test you taste at Android Taste test.

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