Anchor Anasuya angry on fan: Checkout why?

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Anchor Anasuya has set a new trend in anchoring on small screen. Anasuya is one of the most beautiful anchors in Telugu ever and she has good fan following. Anasuya hosts Jabardasth show in E TV and few other shows as well. However, we have seen some celebrities getting irritated on their fans and recently we have seen Balakrishna slapping his fan in Nandyala and now even Anchor Anasuya angry on fan.

Anasuya who always stays updated with fans via social media got angry on a fan and fired on him. A fan wrote “Anasuya stop exposing your body, we can’t watch your show with families. Don’t you have that much responsibility?”. For this Anasuya gave a harsh reaply saying “No one is forcing you to watch the show and if you don’t like it then just change the channel”.

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Anasuya further added “watch some knowledgeable shows to improve your knowledge and stop advising me what to wear. I’m not in a position to take advises from you”. Irrespective of this anchor Anasuya continues with her hot skin show in Jabardasth.


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