America strong punch to Pakistan! Stops funding

US and Pakistan bond ends

Its a tough blow for Pakistan as United states of America took crucial decision. From past many years, USA is funding Pakistan to eradicate terrorism in Pakistan. But Pakistan is mis-using the Us funds and in fact helping terrorists in Pakistan. So, US has decided to stop funding Pakistan and this is a big blow for Pakistan. The funds which Pakistan is receiving from US were being used in another ways.

America should provide funds of 300 million dollars (Rs 322 crores) and now all this money will be stopped immediately. US state department as come to this decision as US state secretary Jim Mates suggested that when Pakistan is not stopping or taking steps to eradicate terrorism then why should US give funds to Pakistan? The US state department agreed with him and announced that US will stop funding Pakistan.

This is really a big loss to Pakistan as US giving funds in big numbers to Pakistan but Pakistan failed to kill terrorism. This might affect Pakistan in many ways as Pakistan is using these funds in another ways to build army against India. If a war comes in between China and India, then Pakistan will utilize the opportunity to attack India but US gave strong punch to Pakistan in an unexpected way. However, no official or politician from Pakistan commented on the aspect.

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