America to go on war with North Korea: Latest exclusive reports


Well, it looks like the heat is turning up on North Korea and now United States has opened up on going with war on North Korea. North Korea is alleged for developing and testing nuclear missiles in a huge range. This has got the eye of America and it stated that “North Korea should stop this massacre or else America will take certain actions on it and US won’t lag any second to go for a war.

United States has warned North Korea and said that US is not having patience anymore to tolerate North Korea’s actions. In case if there is any threat to United States from North Korea then America will go for a face to face war with North Korea” said by Rex, external affairs minister of US. We hope that it wouldn’t get for a war and everything will be in peace.

Air Power bombs

The external affairs minister of US spoken in a press conference at South Korea. Recently North Korea has tested several powerful destruction missiles in the Japanese ocean water. North Korea is alleged for destroying American army camps in Japan. This has made serious issues in between US and North Korea. In case if North Korea continues its actions then the world may witness another disaster.

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North Korea was developing huge number of nuclear missiles and many other destruction missiles. The entire world is now looking up on North Korea as it is testing these dangerous missiles. Many countries were panicked due to these missile tests of North Korea and for the first time ever, US has opened up on this aspect.

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