Peugeot to re-launch Ambassador and give it a new life

Ambassador car

Ambassador is not dead yet! Peugeot is getting ready to launch the iconic Ambassadors once again in the market. The Ambassadors have been vanished in the modern auto world after the entry of high end luxurious cars. Now Ambassadors are only being used by the government officials. Peugeot is in plans to acquire the Ambassador brand and wants to release a new Ambassador with a stunning up gradation.

Peugeot would acquire Ambassador for INR 80 crores and would launch new Ambassadors for a price range of INR 5-9 lakh.  Peugeot not only acquired Ambassador Brand but also all Ambassador Models. However the Ambassador plant at West Bengal will not be owned by Peugeot because it has got rights only the Ambassador Brand but not on its plant.

new Ambassador updated

The CK Birla group and PSA will invest INR 700 crore for joint ventures. Peugeot is French auto mobile company which wants to enter the Indian auto mobile market with Ambassador. It has made its dream come true by partnering with CK Birla group. Peugeot would manufacture and distribute Ambassador Vehicles in India and Ambassador will not have any shares or rights in this.

new Ambassador interior design

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But we have to wait and see whether Peugeot will change the design of Ambassador Models in India. Ambassador has got a long history in Indian automobile market. So now Peugeot is striving to bring back Ambassador back into the market.

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