Amazon to hire 4000 employees in India: To invest $5 Billion

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E-commerce giant Amazon stated that it would create 4000 new jobs in India. Amazon is planning to improve its business in India as it has got more customers here in India. Amazon is the leading e-commerce portal in India and it has many hubs and ware houses in India. Amazon would invest $ 5 Billion in India for developing hubs and creating more ware houses.

Amazon is having 33 branches in India and soon it would add 7 more branches in India. These 41 branches will help amazon to improve their customer base and relationship. The new branches will be having necessary of almost 4000 workers.

This is really good news and the new branches will be set u the end of 2017. Amazon is the largest E-commerce store in India followed by Flipkart. The more hubs Amazon have the more it would develop its business in India. E-Commerce is in boom in India as people are buying products in online than offline retail outlets.

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People’s mindsets have changed and are willing to purchase products in E-commerce portal as it is more flexible and convenient. In future, E-commerce portal will have more business and more online portal are being established in India.

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