Ali’s Controversial Satire on Anasuya, beyond the limits

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Tollywood top comedian Ali is back once again with his double meaning satires. We all know Ali is great comedian in the films and also in real life. No one can have or win punch dialogue war with Ali. When Ali hosts certain programs like award functions or any other events he entertains audience with his timing satires and comedic punch dialogues.

Recently Ali along with anchor Anasuya hosted a event for famous Telugu channel. Everything was going good until Raj Tarun came on to the stage to announce winner for specific category. Then Raj tarun said “Naku Evvaru Jatha lera?” (“I don’t have any company?”). he said this dialogue as everyone who came on to the stage to announce winners came with a partner (two guests).

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But Raj tarun was invited all alone to the stage to announce winner. Then suddenly responding to Raj tarun’s comment, Anasuya moved out of the podium and went to accompany raj Tarun for announcing the winner. Here comes Ali’s satire! Ali didn’t even waited for a second and thrown a mind-blowing satire on Anasuya.

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Ali said “Evvaru Jatha Kavalanna Vellipothava”, he once again proved that he is never away for cold satires. While Anasuya felt a bit shy and taken this positively. However the crowd was overwhelmed with fun and Ali showed his excitement in throwing satires on stage.

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