Alien life expected in fourth planet in Trappist-1

Fourth new planet

Scientists are getting closer to the evidence of alien existence on other planets. Till now only earth has living organisms and it is not yet known whether if there are living organisms like aliens in the galaxy. Recently NASA has discovered a red dwarf star Trappist-1 which is a parent star of minimum seven planets in the galaxy. The planets which are circling the star may have alien existence as there is a chance for organisms.

As the star’s habitable zone has been increased there are many chances on the alien survival and recently scientists have revealed that if there is an active volcano on a certain planet then there are better chances for living organisms. Researchers stated that there are chances of living organisms buried deep under the ice on the frozen planets which is difficult to check out with telescope.



But in case if the surface on the planet is warm and volcanic hydrogen then there are plenty of chances for life on the planet and can also spot with telescope. The greenhouse gases which are produced by a specific planet’s volcanic eruption can increase the star’s habitable zone from 30% to 60%. According to calculations, the zone extends to asteroid belt (2.4) which is almost located at center of Jupiter and mars.


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This extension happened because the volcanoes emitted hydrogen which made the surface warm or else it would be an icy world. Earlier NASA stated that there were three planets in the habitable zone but now they have revealed a fourth planet. Scientists are hoping for many new planets and finding rocky and warm planets would make the search of life easy.

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