Alia Bhatt stayed all night with a drunken bodyguard: Alia is safe at last


Oh my god! Alia Bhatt faced a bizarre situation on mid-night at nowhere. Alia Bhatt went to her boyfriend Siddarth Malhotra’s house and she stayed there till late night. At mid-night 3am she called her bodyguard to escort her back to home. When it comes to celebrities their safety is the main priority and they should have minimum security to keep them safe.

It is the responsibility of the bodyguards to keep their bosses safe and secured. But Alia’s bodyguard has done something ridiculous that cost him his job. Alia Bhatt already knew that it’s going to be late at Siddarth’s house, so she told her bodyguard to stick around.

When Alia Bhatt is about to leave she called her bodyguard to escort Alia back to her house. She tried calling him many times but he didn’t responded. After making several calls, her bodyguard came to escort her. But after getting into the car, Alia Bhatt came to know that her bodyguard was drunk.

The bodyguard has drunk too much that he is hardly in conscious. Alia didn’t say anything at that time and she sat silently assuming that he might harm her if she says anything. So at midnight 3am Alia Bhatt stayed all alone with a drunken bodyguard in a car. This is really a dangerous situation faced by the actress and she is real brave as she showed her courage at that moment.

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At last Alia Bhatt reached home safely but her mother Soni Razdan was very anger on the bodyguard. She fired the bodyguard from the job at early morning. The Dear Zindagi actress skipped a dangerous situation and alerted other heroines to take care regarding their bodyguards.

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