Al Qaeda most wanted terrorist arrested in Delhi; who is he?

Al Qaeda most wanted terrorist arrested in Delhi

Its a big shocker as Delhi police have arrested Al Qaeda most wanted terrorist in India’s capital city New Delhi. The police arrested Al Qaeda terrorist in Delhi on Thursday morning while he is escaping to Nepal. Delhi police arrested Al Qaeda linked terrorist and he is in Delhi police custody. Al Qaeda most wanted terrorist name is Raja Ul-Ahmed.

He is also part of Bangladesh’s terrorist group called Ansar Bangla. The terrorist has planned to escape Nepal from Delhi and while he is making his way to Nepal, Delhi police have caught him. Delhi police handed over Raja Ul-Ahmed to West Bengal police and a case has been filed on him. It was also known that he is also accused in fake currency case earlier.

Ansar Bangla is the sub-group of Al Qaeda and four terrorist have entered India with fake documents. They are working for Al Qaeda in India but three of them were killed by Indian army in Jammu & Kashmir and just a day after they were killed, the fourth terrorist Raja Ul-Ahmed was caught in Delhi.

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