Akshay Kumar paid more than Rajinikanth: Robo 2.0 Remunerations

Robo 2.0 full movie

The year 2017 is about to witness two biggest films of all time in the Indian film industry. Bahubali 2: The conclusion is already set for release on April 28th and super star Rajinikanth’s Robo 2.0 will follow it. However these two films have massive budgets which are not spent earlier for any Indian movie. There were many expectations on both the films.

These two films are not restricted as any regional or language films, the entire nation is eagerly waiting for these two film. Both parts of Bahubali have cost around Rs 500 crore while Shankar’s Robo 2.0 alone has cost nearly Rs 350 crore. It is an open secret that in these kinds of big films, the actors demand more remuneration as they need to work more.

Robo 2.0 Remunerations

Robo 2.0 is starring two all-time biggest stars of Indian film industry, Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. Rajinikanth has following in South while Akshay kumar has following in North. However you might probably thought that Rajinikanth would have got more remuneration than Akshay Kumar but you are totally wrong. Akshay Kumar has got more remuneration than thaliva.

According to few inner sources, Akshay Kumar is charging Rs 2 crore per day. By the end of shooting, this number has been increased to peaks. So this has made more remuneration for Akshay Kumar than Rajinikanth. Don’t you think that akshay kumar didn’t even shoor for 30 days? So even if he just act for 30 days then that makes Rs 60 crore and in case if he acted for more days then it would cost even more.

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Rajinikanth is playing the same scientist role while Amy Jackson is playing the female lead role. AR Rahman is the music director for 2.0. Akshay Kumr is also a scientist but an experiment gets failed pretty badly which affects Akshay Kumar and he becomes monster.

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