Adam Mudd got arrested for making $500,000 via hacking

Adam Mudd

Teen hacker, Adam Mudd was busted in jail for two years. Adam Mudd is a teenage hacker who made around $500,000 with his own Titanium Stresser DDoS tool. At very young age Adam made a hackings software called Titanium Stresser which is a DDoS tool. With this software he hacked many systems around the world starting from Greenland to New Zealand.

At his age you might probably struggling pretty hard to get good score in exams but Adam Mudd was making millions. While he was in school, Mudd was interested in computers software and he learnt advanced technologies at his teenage. While he was in High school, Adam Mudd hacked the school’s systems and corrupted them. This has cost the management around £2000 and it’s a lot of massacre as plenty of productivity info was lost.

Adam Mudd covered his actions by saying that the school management didn’t care about him when he was bullied in studies at school. At the age of just 15, Adam Mudd made around $500,000 by attacking the Xbox Live users and the computer game players of Minecraft and Runescape.

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The software developed by Adam Mudd back in 2013 could harm millions of system users around the world. With the help of Titanium Stresser DDoS tool, Adam Mudd made over 590 attacks all by himself. With these cuber attacks he made around $500,000.  Adam Mudd created malwares and sold it to other hackers making around $307,298.35 and 259.81 bitcoins. He did this at the age of 18 and his malware led to over 1.7 million attacks across the globe.

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