Actor Vinod Khanna died at 70 due to bladder cancer

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Another bad day for Bollywood as veteran actor Vinod Khanna died at 70. The 90’s actor is suffering from advanced stage of bladder cancer and was admitted in hospital on April 1st week. Vinod khanna acted in many Bollywood films and he played mainly side roles in the movies. Vinod Khanna was diseased by bladder carcinoma which was in advanced stage by the time he was admitted in hospital.

Earlier doctors said that Vinod is positively responding to the treatment and he may get well soon. Family members and relatives felt happy at that time but unfortunately his disease has become more affective and vinod khanna couldn’t make it. He died around 11:30 am in the HN Reliance hospital.

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Vinod khanna is the active member of Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) of Lok Sabha from Gurdaspur in Punjub. On April first week he was rushed to hospital in Mumbai as he faced severe problems due to dehydration. Earlier a photo of Vinod Khanna with his wife and son has gone viral in social media. Vinod Khanna looked terrible and his fans were tensed as he was too week.

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At his young age, Vinod Khanna had many lady fans as he was one of the most handsome heroes in Bollywood. Vinod Khanna who was born on October, 1946 acted in major films like Mere Apne, Insaaf and Amar, Akbar, Anthony. His last film was with Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale. Vinod Khanna has two wives, Geetanjali and Kavita. He has four children with both the wives. It’s hard to digest that Vinod khanna is no more, may he rest in peace!

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