Actor Dhruv Sharma died, Things you didn’t about Dhruv

Actor Dhruv Sharma died

Kannada actor Dhruv Sharma passed away as he faced cardiac arrest all of a sudden. Actor Dhruv Sharma collapsed suddenly in his house in Bangalore. Actor Dhruv Sharma acted in many famous films like Snehanjali, Bangalore 560023, Ninandre Ishta Kano, Tippajji Circle and The Hit List. Dhruv Sharma is also a good cricket player who showed his cricket skills CCL.

Dhruv Sharma played for Karnataka Bulldozers led by Kicha Sudeep. Kannada film industry was shocked after knowing the demise of actor Dhruv Sharma. Many co-stars of couldn’t digest that Actor Dhruv Sharma died. The actor has two daughters and he is living with his parents and wife. Along with cardiac arrest, several organ functioning also failed which caused sudden death of Dhruv.

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