Acidity medicines are harmful for kidneys: Proved results

tips for acidity

Are you using acidity medicines? If yes, then you are in big trouble! Latest research by scientists has shown results that acidity medicines will cause kidney related problems. Many people use acidity medicines to get relief from chest and stomach burns. When we eat some heavy food then acidity may rise and leads to pain and burn in chest and stomach. The medicines which you use may get you relief from acidity but in long run it will affect our kidneys in a pretty bad way.

Washington University researchers studied the PPI medicines compounds which are used in acidity medicines. The researchers have analyzed the reports of 1, 24,954 people who are suffering with acidity and using acidity medicines. The people who are facing kidney problems are using acidity medicine from a long time and are having certain kidney problems.

Tips for acidity

However the researchers stated that there is no problem for kidneys but the working condition of the kidneys have been slow down. They have found that the kidneys are not working as they should be. There are certain differences from the people who are using these acidity medicines and the ones who are not using them. The researchers have suggested the acidity patients that they should use acidity medicines only when required and when the pain is unbearable.

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Using acidity medicines regularly will cause certain dis-orders in the kidneys. Instead of using acidity medicines regularly it would be better if the people control the food which they eat. The acidity is mainly caused by eating junk food and unhealthy food.

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