How to access secret features in Android phones: A hidden menu

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Do you use an Android smartphone? If yes, then are you using the full extent of it? There are unknown secret features in your Android smartphone. These hidden Android features are not open to the users as Google has hid these features in the hidden menu. These hidden features are known as System UI Tuner. There is no open button or option to access these secret features in your Android smartphone.

However these hidden features are not available in all the Android smartphones. So you have to test your luck whether these secret android features are available in your smartphones. But these hidden Android features are worth for checking. You have to follow certain steps to access the System UI tuner and what all it can do. Let us find out how to access the hidden features in Android smartphones.

Have you used chrome://flags shortcut in chrome? If yes then System UI Tuner is also similar to it. To activate the system UI tuner, pull the quick settings menu and press the gear icon which is seen on the top right corner. Hold it for 8 seconds until it gets spinning and after it starts spinning the system UI tuner will get activated. Now let us see what happens next once it gets activated.

Once it gets activated you will find a pop-up saying theta the System UI tuner has been activated.

android hidden features

You can check whether you have successfully activated System UI tuner by seeing a small wrench symbol just beside the settings gear option.

android hidden features

If you want to access the System UI tuner directly, then go to settings and you can find the System UI tuner in the system section.

android hidden features

This is how the system UI tuner looks like:

android hidden features

Now let us check some of the features and tweaks by using system UI designer. You can see even seconds on beside of minutes.

android hidden features

You can prefer the most used settings in the status bar and you can organize the options according to your preference.

android hidden features

The best thing about system UI tuner is, you can easily access to power notifications control. You can do a lot with this option.

android hidden features


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However these features may not be available for all the Android smartphones. So if you don’t find these features in your device then you can try these in the next Android version update.

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