ACB raids on Roads & Building chief engineer, Gangadharam: 100 crore assets


Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has raided on house of Chief engineer of Andhra Pradesh Roads and buildings, Gangadharam. ACB conducted raids on Gangadharam house and also on his relatives house and ACB has found more than 100 crore worth assets. This is really shocking news and the biggest ever raid in the recent period. Gangadhram has been alleged for illegal activities.

Earlier when the four-way road project in Bheemili at Visakhapatnam, Gangadharam was accused for certain illegal activities in the project. ACB has planned perfectly for conducting the raids and they have raided around 20 different locations like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kadapa, Nellore, Hyderabad and few other cities where Gangadharam has close connections.

According to ACB, all the illegal assets of Gangadharam are more than Rs 100 crore worth and more assets were being calculated. On the other hand, ACB also raided on Visweswara who is ought to be benami of Gangadharam. ACB has conducted sudden strike on Visweswara’s house but he is claiming that he is not a benami of Gangadharam and someone has portrayed him.

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ACB has taken Gangadharam into custody and filed a case against him. Gangadharam is accused of many other illegal activities in the government projects who have taken lot of money in various ways. Gangadharam is the chief engineer of Andhra Pradesh Roads and Buildings and is performing certain illegalities in the government issued projects.

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