Aadhaar eKYC Re-verifications to be done for all mobile subscribers: Last date & more

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This might be a bit shocking and irritating for the people but they have to follow the government rules. However telecom companies will face more problem than the people as re verification of the mobile subscribers is not that easy. It is mandatory that all existing subscribers should go for a re-verification of Aadhaar based eKYC. The subscriber will be verified with a fingerprint sensor.

There is no need to submit any address proofs or any photographs. Subscribers will be re-verified with a fingerprint sensor and there is no need of re-verifications of new subscribers who has got their SIM card with Aadhaar eKYC fingerprint. The Cellular Operator’s body Association will discuss with all the mobile operators on the verification process.

Aadhaar eKYC Re-verifications to be done for all mobile subscribers

All the pre-paid and postpaid should go this re verification process. The mobile operators will start this process in all the telecom showrooms via eKYC process. This will eliminate all the fake subscribers who use another person’s SIM card or people who are misusing the SIM cards for various purposes. This will also bring down the number of mobile subscribers.

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The entire process may take around Rs 1000 crore for training and also for infrastructure. All the telecom companies should follow the government order to re-verify their subscribers. There are millions of mobile subscribers in India and this process may take a while to complete all the re verifications.

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