9 facts you didn’t know about India: Incredible India


India is a developing country and one of the strongest countries in the world. India stands at fifth place in the strongest countries in the world. India is known for many interesting things and number of people from various languages and regions live in the country. There is no doubt that India is a fascinating country and it has many unbelievable facts which you might probably never know till date.

This article is exclusively written to showcase the extraordinary facts about India. However in the present era, India stands at first in the list of developing countries which has witnessed a drastic change in the past few years. India is moving towards digitalization and improving in all the aspects and will be one of the top countries in coming future.

Here are the 10 facts about Incredible India:

  1. Population of India

You might probably know that India is the second largest populated country in the world standing next to China which is in first position. According to few reports India would become the world’s largest populated country by overtaking China. As of now India holds 1.2 billion people but by the end of 2050 the number would increase to 1.6 billion.

  1. Growth in Economy

The World Bank with the international monetary fund both projects a robust 7.5% growth in the country. This is the perfect example to say that India is fast developing country. The Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Make in India concept is also boosting the economic growth.

  1. Largest gold importer

India is one of the top countries which imports gold more than other countries. The Indian housewives itself hold 11% of gold in the world. This 11% of gold with Indian housewives is more than the reserves of many top nations like Switzerland, United States and Germany all together. Wow, Indian housewives do love gold!

  1. World’s biggest human gathering

India’s Kumbh Mela festival is the world’s biggest human gathering for an event as 80-100 million people gather at Kumbh Mela. This festival can be seen even from the space as earlier NASA has sent certain images of Kumbh Mela. No other event in the world gathers these many people.

  1. Global Competitiveness Index

India had the biggest leap in ranking in the world Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) for the year 2016-2017. India has improved its position like never before as it racked to 39th position which was in 55th position in the past. No other country has improved in this drastic improvement.

  1. 6 Seasons of India

The Indian calendar consists of 6 different seasons which is possible in India itself. The six seasons are autumn, spring, Monsoon, winter, Summer and prevernal. These six seasons will come in specific months in India and is one of the countries with many seasons.

  1. Internet users in India

What if I tell you that the internet users in India are more than the entire United States population! The internet users in India have been rapidly increased in the past years and especially from 2014 as India added 269 million internet users. A step towards digitalization and more internet users will add in the coming years.

  1. Indian Historical games

Many historical and popular games were originated from India. Games like Chess, playing cards and the snakes and ladders games were originated in India. The Snake and Ladders game was developed to teach the idea of karma while chess is designed to improve the thinking caliber of the people.

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  1. A Satellite carrier

Well, you might have probably known that India set a record by carrying most number of Satellites into orbit. ISRO has taken 104 satellites of different countries into space and wiped out the earlier record of Russia. This is one of the greatest achievements of India.

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