8 awesome updates of Facebook which will blow your mind


Facebook is well known to everyone in this era. Facebook has become a part of our daily life. People got used to Facebook and got so addictive that it has become like a platform where all our memories are shared in the form of Photos, videos, wishes, thoughts and many more.

Facebook is growing day by day in all the locations across the world and it has more than billion users. Facebook was continuously improving its performance and was releasing new updates to give better quality service to its users.

Here are some of the latest updates of Facebook …

Update #1

Profile Video:


Got bored with your profile pic???  Do you want to make something interesting in your profile??  Well you can now make a profile video instead of profile pic. Facebook has introduced a profile video with a length of six seconds. To make a profile video click on your edit option on your profile pic. Select an option to upload video or record a video of six seconds from your mobile camera.

Update #2

Backup your photos


If you need a backup of all your photos in Facebook from your profile and also if there are any photos of you in your friend’s profile, you can now get back all those photos back by syncing with Facebook Moments App. This option is already available in mobiles but now it is also available in website.

Update #3

Choose whose post you should first view in your News Feed


If you are having friends in hundreds and thousands, then it would be a problem for you to view certain friends post in your news feed. But with this update you can chose which friends post you should first view in your news feed.

Go to news feed preference and click on prioritize who to see first. This way you can view wanted posts in your news feed at top.

Update #4

HD photos and videos


Even if you upload a high clarity images in Facebook it will show in normal quality only. To solve this problem Facebook has now enabled an option to upload HD photos and videos. For this you have to change options in your settings.


Update #5

Facebook Notepad


It is very difficult to copy text from Facebook and again saving it in system notepad. But now Facebook is introducing a notepad, so that you can type or copy text in this notepad of Facebook. You can also share that content with friends. Go to search in Facebook and type Notes to get this notepad.

Update #6

Posts with Background colors


You can now make a post with beautiful background colors. This update is being used by some of the Android users in USA. This update will soon come across all the countries. However you can select background colors only for posts but not for photos and videos as it is not possible to provide background color according to your photos and videos.

Update #7

Common photos of you and your life partner


There may be many photos of you and your life partner in Facebook. But if you want to see all the photos of you and your life partner at one place then you can see them in https://www.facebook.com/us

But before that you have to add your life partner’s account in your profile as your life partner.

Update #8

Live Audio Streaming


Facebook has already enabled live video streaming which got a huge response from the users. Now Facebook is in plans to enable Live Audio streaming in Facebook.

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